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Open Swimming and Dock Diving

Price: $20 per person (1 dog) each additional dog is $10

Work on your dogs confidence, practice dock diving skills, and exercise your dogs mental and physical stimulation so that they are truly balanced and happy.


At open dock you get  approximately 2 hours with your dog to work on what you feel are the specific needs of your dog. We rotate through the group so we can practice simple swimming exercises in the pool, dock diving drills, jumps, or prepare for an upcoming dock diving competition.

Additional Information

  • Please book a date to reserve your spot.

  • Dogs and handlers must go through a one time orientation at the start of your first appointment. (Cost: additional $10).

  • Click here to print and fill out our one time waiver before using our facilities. 

  • No instruction or training is available from a trainer during this time. Your dog should swim freely on his or her own.


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