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Private Simming and Diving Lessons

Price: $35/half hour; $60/hour

Additional Information

  • Lessons available by appointment only. Please book your customized pool time through our calendar.

  • A customized training program will be designed for your dog based on their current swimming level and ultimate training goals.

  • Dogs and handlers must go through a one time orientation at the start of your first appointment. (Cost: additional $10).

  • Click here to print and fill out our one time waiver before using our facilities. 

Private swimming and diving lessons provide you and your dog with customized coaching and education to help you achieve all of your training goals.


The lessons cover a wide variety of skills including basic water safety procedures as well as the first skills of Big Air, Speed Retrieve and Extreme Vertical.


Private swimming lessons will enable us to fine tune communication and teamwork skills between you and your dog which will inspire your dog to go further, higher and faster in the pool.

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