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Group Swimming Lessons

Price: $125  (1 hour a week for 4 weeks)

Additional Information

  • Classes are 4 weeks.

  • 5 dogs max per class.

  • Contact us to book your own group or to join an existing group.

  • Click here to print and fill out our one time waiver before using our facilities. 

Fun for all! Group swim sessions allow your dog to learn dock diving's physical and mental skills in a social setting. By properly introducing your dog to the joys of dock diving, they learn to jump and swim while in a comfortable and safe environment.


Your dog will not only experience positive socialization throughout class but will also learn by watching the other dogs in the pool and will inspire them to take on a wide range of new situations and challenges.


For our more advanced swimmers and dock divers, group classes can be organized with a higher skill level arrangement.


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